EngagePHD™ is now a Samsung SSP Certified Software Partner

12 December 2018 Joe Malouff Comments Off on EngagePHD™ is now a Samsung SSP Certified Software Partner news

We are excited to announce that Ping HD’s award-winning EngagePHD™ cloud-based digital signage software is officially globally certified on Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform SSSP4 and SSSP5 which includes the following models of displays:

SSSP4: PM32F, PM43F, PM49F, PM55F, PM32F-BC, PM43F-BC, PM55F-BC, PH43F, PH49F, PH55F, PH43F-P, PH49F-P, PH55F-P, PM43H, PM49H, PM55H

SSSP5: QM49H, QM55H, QM65H, QH55H, QH65H, QB65H, QB75H, DB43J, DB49J

Ping HD has supported Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform (SSP) since version 2.0.  System on a Chip (SoC) technology has eliminated the requirement for an external media player without sacrificing performance and enhanced functionality required by any Digital Signage application./p>

Whether you have existing displays and are looking to migrate to a powerful digital signage software platform or have a brand-new project, please contact us to find out how we can help.