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It’s almost impossible to visit a major airport, shopping center or entertainment venue without seeing a digital video wall. Their large size increases the overall exposure of your message and makes them a popular choice for communicating high quality dynamic content. As both technology and video wall software evolve, we are able to push content and screen configurations further and use them in more creative ways than ever before.

EngagePHD is the perfect video wall software solution for your digital signage application. Whether you plan to power one or scale to multiple video walls across many locations and networks, The EngagePHD digital signage platform has all the tools necessary to design, deploy and manage your digital signage video wall.

Live Video Wall Feeds

Showcase your live feed directly onto your digital video wall. Using IPTV, create an immersive experience by mixing both creative content and live event feeds.

Powerful Content Designer

With so many screens the possibilities are endless. EngagePHD digital video wall software was designed to give you the creative power and flexibility to design and manage any type of digital video wall experience. Use the powerful and easy to use drag and drop designer to design multiple types of content to create a memorable and engaging experience.

Custom Screen Configuration

Whether you want 2 screens or 100, EngagePHD digital video wall software gives you the power to create custom configurations that meet the space and size you desire. Easily design and manage layouts to match your configuration all while monitoring the health of every screen from our initiative network dashboard.

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