Digital Menu Board

Drive Increased Sales

Digital Menu boards are a powerful channel that help grab and keep the attention of consumers. Everyday we are pulled in multiple directions by marketers screaming for our attention. In order to stay competitive we must create an experience for our customers that is attractive, relevant and engaging.

EngagePHD is the perfect menu board software solution for your restaurant or concession stand. Whether you’re powering one or plan to scale to many displays across multiple locations, EngagePHD has all the tools necessary to design, deploy and manage your digital signage network quickly and easily.

Keep it Appetizing

One thing we can’t ignore is good food. Our subconscious brains are wired to zone into it as a means of survival. Understanding this allows us to use it as a tool to grab the attention of consumers walking by. Use high quality photography, videos and animations of your most sought after dishes. Restaurants have seen an increase in orders placed for featured food content. EngagePHD digital signage software allows you to easily set up zones across your screens to showcase this type of content.

Set it and leave it

With daypart scheduling EngagePHD makes it easy to plan your menu content in advance. The digital menu board will automatically adjust to show breakfast content in the morning and lunch content in the afternoon. This allows you to rest easy, and focus on what really matters.

Make changes Quickly

Engage PHD makes it easy to quickly update your menu content with our integrated product database. All product content including item name, price, calories and more are managed in one single location. It’s as easy as logging into the cloud based digital menu board software, making the change and hitting save.

Compliant Digital Menu Boards

EngagePHD makes it easy to ensure your digital menu boards are FDA compliant. Easily access and update calorie information for each product from our user-friendly product database.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Board Case Studies


Ping HD helped Red Rocks Amphitheater solve the challenge of managing and maintaining multiple concession menus across the world famous outdoor music venue

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