Digital Signage Software

EngagePHD™ is a cloud-based digital signage software platform that allows you to manage content anytime, anywhere. It’s powerful, scalable and easy to use.

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Everything you need and more

The Skys the Limit...

"Creating beautiful and engaging digital signage content has never been easier.

The EngagePHD powerful and intuitive drag and drop editor allows you to quickly create custom design layouts for all types of digital signage environments. Create multiple zones to showcase custom animation, products, or live TV feeds and since it's cloud-based you can edit your layouts from anywhere at anytime.

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From One to Infinity...

"Flexible enough to power a single player yet powerful enough to manage hundreds of players across multiple networks and locations."

EngagePHD makes it easy to create, manage and monitor your digital signage players from one single interface. EngagePHD works with many popular media players and is designed to work seamlessly with Samsung's SSP Platform and LG's webOS Smart Signage displays.

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Set it and leave it...

"Create a personalized experience for your audience by showing scheduled relevant content.

With Schedules, EngagePHD allows you to control which layout or playlist will be shown on which players, and when it will be shown.

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See it in application

EngagePHD powers thousands of digital signage displays around the world. Powerful, scalable and flexible EngagePHD has been used to power many different digital signage verticals and use cases.

It has it all

POS Integration

Integrates with many top point of sale systems


Live TV feed can be be layered as a zone within a layout

Beacon Technology

Integrate the use of push/pull content on a mobile device

Asset Library

Quickly add royalty free images and videos from our growing asset library to your layouts

Live Data Integration

Makes importing and managing live data from any external source quick and easy.

Widget Library

Easily integrate Twitter, Weather, RSS, Stock Information etc. with our plug and play widgets.